For COACH first-timers and for those of you out there who doesn't really know the difference between the two, then by all means, read on:

There are two origins of Coach handbags, one is the full-priced COACH Boutiques you see in huge shopping malls everywhere, and secondly, they may come from Coach Factory Outlets.

What is the difference between the two?

Well, COACH Boutique items are full-priced (FP), and in other words, more expensive. However, Coach Boutiques have more selection of handbags and other items in an array of colours and designs. Their style numbers usually begings numerically, such as Style No. 19611, etc. On the other hand, Coach Factory Outlets have collections specially made for factory (MFF) outlets, such as the Signature Collection, which designs are much simpler and contains less bling. Sometimes factory outlets would also carry FP overstock items, and these FP items are usually are a season old before they arrive at factory stores. Also, the style numbers of these MFF items usually starts with an "F", such as F10496, etc. These style numbers are printed on the creed of all COACH handbags.

Most of COACH handbags now are made in China or Vietnam, as costs of labour in  these countries are much cheaper I guess. Even FP items from Coach Boutiques are mostly made in China., and they even proudly printed this fact in the creeds.

Another thing is that all Coach Boutique items comes with dustbag whereas only Coach Factory Outlet items that comes from the FP Boutiques comes with dustbags.  Most MFF items hovewer, are not provided with dustbags. Please take note!

Regardless of where your Coach handbags comes from, they are provided with a care card and price tag, unless stated otherwise.

And also, they are 100% genuine and authentic !

For those of you who are still a little confused or skeptical, please read the following counterfeit education link:

It is clearly stated that the ONLY authorized store that COACH offers its merchandise for sale are:
·   Coach Stores
·   Coach Factory Stores
So once again, all items listed for sale in are sourced from either Coach Boutiques or Coach Factory Stores, and they are 100% genuine and authentic, guaranteed!


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